2x2 vehicles are two-wheeled vehicles that enables the powering of the front and back wheel at the same time.

Vehicles that are mainly driven by hydraulic, chain, shaft or mechanically are also called 2x2 vehicle of which bicycles and motorcycles are good examples. Although two- wheeled vehicles are ideal for off-road performances, it is quite complex and requires extra energy to operate. For this reason, many users own them (bikes) for luxury or specific needs. Some of the best manufacturers of 2x2 vehicle include –Yamaha, Raleigh, Suzuki, Christini, Rokon, Honda, KTM and ZID.

The earliest form of 2x2 vehicles was in 1924 when the 350 Raleigh was built for trailing in England. This innovation was followed closely by the REX sidecar manufactured in 1930 by Einar Stormark which he converted to drive both bike wheels. It was converted to the FN M60 in 1937 by Stormark. The need for two-wheeled vehicles have increased over decades and it has also evolved through different transformation stages with wide acceptability. Below are some of the top 2x2 vehicles-


The Segway was designed for full fun, also called a Dicycle, this unique two-wheeled vehicle has 2 parallel wheels placed side by side. Built with complicated series of magnet, counterbalances and probably wizardry, the Segway maintains a firm balance.  Riding on it frightens many people since they feel they might fall on their face.

Suzuki GSX – S750 (Motorbike)

A durable 2x2 vehicle, the Suzuki GSX-S750 is a perfect blend of sophistication and handling. Its middleweight feature makes it outstanding and best for fun rides, street rides and racetracks. In comparison with other full class-litre super bikes, this two-wheeled wizard is affordable.

Motorized Bicycle

A 2x2 vehicle type that is often confused for a motorbike, it visibly has all the characteristics of a bicycle. Every motion exerted into it by the rider is being aided and eased by the motor. Every kind of fun a bicycle has to offer is experienced when riding the motorized bicycle. There is also a good collection of different motorized bicycle engines to choose from during purchase and its ideal for commuters who neither love using cars nor detest the stress of riding a bicycle.

Recumbent Bicycle

This two-wheeled vehicle has some features of a bicycle but the difference is that the rider lowers to the grounds and leans back. The build might seem fluky but it offers soothing comfort to the rider since the weight of the rider is disseminated evenly. Full comfort is derived as the rider rests his/her back to the chair which gives absolute support.

The Honda Africa Twin (Motorbike)

This two-wheeled vehicle was designed for adventure and its one of the best when running through beaches or suburbs. Also known as CRF1000L, it can also be used for racing.


These forms of two-wheeled vehicles are probably one of the oldest form and most common of 2x2 vehicles that became increasingly popular in Europe in the 19th century. But the first bicycles were produced and used in China. Riding it involves exerting your strength and a few skills. The importance of bicycles cannot be overemphasized as they can aid people scale through hard traffic easily and it also for used for sporting purposes.

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